Student Art Contest

The Gathering at Garst is once again offering  an art contest for Darke County students currently enrolled in grades 4-8.

Ohio might be known as the Mother of Presidents, but Ohio has also been home to many great inventors and inventions-- from the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison to phonographs and cash registers! To celebrate Ohio's  history of innovation, students are asked to create an original work of art depicting the theme: OHIO INVENTS.



  • Works may include representations of an inventor, an invention or both!

  • Artists may use any medium to create their masterpiece

  • Artwork should be no larger than 12"x16"

    • *mat board available (free of charge) from Granny's Corner, 417 S. Broadway, Greenville

  • One entry per student currently enrolled in 4th - 8th grade

  • Must include...

    • Title

    • Brief description of how it relates to the theme

    • Student's name, age, grade, school, and telephone number on the back of the work

  • Must be submitted to Garst Museum by July 22


Use your imagination! Be creative with your space! We want to shine a light on your talent! We'll accept any medium watercolors, pastels, line drawings, and collages to name a few. Just be sure it fits on a 12" x 16" mat or poster board.  

Entries will be judged on creativity, interpretation of the theme, presentation, and use of space.  Give your project a unique spin!

All entries will be displayed in the student art tent at The Gathering at Garst, July 29th & 30th.

Be creative and unique and celebrate your community's history through the first ever Gathering at Garst Art Show & Contest.


All pieces submitted will be displayed at The Gathering at Garst, July 30 & 31.


Artwork should be submitted to Garst Museum by July 22, 2017


Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st--$75

  • 2nd--$50

  • 3rd-$40

  • 4th--$30

  • 5th--$25


Gretchen Snyder