Kids Activities

Are you a kid looking for fun?


We aren’t talking about the make believe fun you find playing video
games. How Boring!!!


This is real time fun like cannons firing right in front of your eyes and Indians, trappers and fur traders in their camps. You can talk to them and see their cool stuff. Even offer to trade for some of their awesome things they have laid out on their trading blankets. You gotta have stuff to trade though…you know like turtle shells, fossils, old rusty things. That’s what they like. Bring it along.

Now for you little grasshoppers, we have some fun things planned for you. How about a Pony Express
Challenge. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to stay on one of our bucking, crazy noodle ponies as you
deliver mail to Annie Oakley, Little Turtle and Mad Anthony Wayne.


Wanna get your hands dirty? No problem. Visit the “Archeology…Can You Dig It” tent right next to the Pony Express Challenge. There you will find a sand pit ready for you to explore. We heard there’s treasure in that thar pit and you gotta find it.


Wanna shoot like Annie Oakley? We got that too. Go around front of the museum and there you
will find Annie Oakley and her cool shooting gallery. You can visit with Annie and find out all about her
amazing life. Take a try at her shooting gallery and see if you are a sure shot too.


Annie will be on stage Saturday and Sunday at 2:30. Don’t miss it. Oh did we mention cannons and carriage rides? We got em. You will see and hear both of these at the Gathering at Garst.


The cannons will fire at 11-1-3-5 and 7 on Saturday and at 11-1-3-4:30 on Sunday. Ready, Set, BOOM!

  • Join the Pony Express! Young Pony Riders ages 3-10 willing to ride a bucking "noodle" pony across country to deliver mail...can you do it? Step right up!!

  • ARCHEOLOGY...CAN YOU DIG IT! It's an archeology dig pit filled with shells, arrowheads, coins, beads

  • Annie Oakley Shooting Gallery - Set your mark and fire to win a prize at the Annie Oakley Shooting Gallery...All ages

  • Carriage Rides...Children and their families can experience life in the slow lane when they embark on horse-drawn carriage rides where they can relax and enjoy the scenery.

  • Living History Encampment - The past comes alive in the living history encampment. Native American Storytellers spin captivating tales and bone-rattling cannon blasts ensure that everyone is paying attention. The entire encampment is rich with historic sights and sounds for the guests of all ages

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