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Gathering at Garst Living History Encampment

The living history encampment is set up in a timeline manner dating from 1750-1865. Re-enactors  in period clothing demonstrate what life was like for our ancestors.  Watch the blacksmith hammer iron into useful tools, the basket weaver caning charis and creating fine baskets, and the box-maker bending wood.  Skilled historic craftsmen will be forming copper into mugs, making tools from horn & bone, and tanning hides. These can all be considered unique pieces of historical art.


Native American Indians were here before the white settlers arrived.  Listen to their stories of survival and daily life. Many battles took place during the times from the Revolutionary War thru the Civil War.  You will see what their camps were like and smell the gunpowder used to fire their guns.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions as the folks are friendly and eager to share their knowledge with visitors.  


Cannon demonstrations will take place throughout both days. Skirmishes, and storytelling. Children’s games and carriage rides will be a-plenty. 


With gunpowder and cannons aplenty, the living history encampment will likely be a hive of activity, anticipation, and thunderous booms during the Gathering at Garst.


At the heart of the cannon field will be the First Mad River Light Artillery and Amherst Artillery to masterfully man, load, fire, and re-set the cannons.  Visitors are able to gather at the firing field in the encampment to watch the entire process, ask questions, and...when the time counts down...plug their ears and brace for the boom!


Thanks to the partnership with the Darke County Parks, there is ample gunpowder for both Saturday and Sunday firings.

Gathering at Garst Living History Encampment
Gathering at Garst Living History Encampment


Darke County Park District – Encampment Host
Leis Realty – Encampment Sponsor
Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe – Encampment Sponsor


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